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Beginning from a small factory in Chiang Mai outskirts, Northern Thailand, manufactured wooden frames, doors, and windows for more than 25th years. The manufacturing process left a lot of waste wood. Finally became fuel for agriculturists that bought it for only 5 THB./sack.

The youngest daughter awareness of this waste wood since she was a student of the Faculty of Architecture until she discussed it with her sister and founded this brand. The first step in Facebook - Page on 10.11.12 under the name of...


Factory Times Begin

Today waste wood becomes unique products, more valuable and worthy for all thinkers, makers, buyers, givers, and receivers.

Based on the concept, be simple and unique objects, create more value to reclaim wood.

We are proud and appreciate this matter, which makes our dream come true from this place.

The place that our parents built from their hearts.

We also have a long-term campaign "You Shop, We Plant" that lets our customers collect points from their purchase amount and redeem them for seedlings that we help plant. 
[3,000 points as 1 seedling]
Beyond a Zero Waste concept, we believe that this is a sustainable way to save our planet.
We want to raise awareness of the value and need to conserve natural resources by producing eco-friendly lifestyle products upcycled from wood waste, in order to prevent further deforestation or the cutting down of invaluable big trees. 
We hope that our customers would be happy to be a part of the 'Sustainable Circular Economy', which leads them to bring positive changes in daily life and share their inspiration with others to save our 'only planet' together.
Because we believe that...

"Saving the world starts with oneself".

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